Melody Writing Sessions

Our interactive Melody Writing Presentation series has started & being equally passionate about songcraft &  empowering others we were thrilled to receive the following feedback:

“I‘ve taken 5 different workshops in the past 3 years & have never seen a facilitator approach this subject with such a straightforward method of analyzing song structure in order to replicate successful writing techniques.

You are essentially demystifying songwriting so that we can consciously set our intention & write with purpose using a whole new skill set we are now learning from you.
Many, many thanks to you”     C, Songwriter

Over the coming weeks we’ll be demystifying Music Theory, Scales, Chords, Harmony, Pitch & Prosody. Each week is standalone for £20 but if you book all 3 weeks we will make sure you can catch  up with the Melodic Rhythm concepts from the first session – all at a discounted price of just £47:

30/6, 7 & 14/07/20 – Melody, Harmony & Hook Writing 3 Week Evening Course

London Songwriters Teaching