London Songwriters Summer Recording Camp 2019


Following hugely successful events in 2016, 2017 and 2018 we are once again at Box Hill for an amazingly affordable five-day residential Songwriting and Studio Recording experience – and a guide to arranging, recording and mixing your own songs.

Here is a one minute video guide to the week:

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By attending the Camp you’ll:

  • immerse yourself in your writing without the distractions of everyday life
  • Find out more about the camp and apply have a great time in beautiful surroundings with like-minded people
  • increase the quantity and the quality of songs you write at the Camp and afterwards
  • increase your confidence as a songwriter
  • improve your collaboration skillssongwriter connections and co-writing network
  • be inspired to write at least one or two songs each day
  • get encouragement and valuable feedback on your current repertoire
  • optionally perform in the Grade II listed Templeton Room
  • learn and practise essential songwriting ‘tools‘ and ‘rules‘ (and work out when you can break them)
  • receive optional individual mentoring from experienced teachers
  • have access to practice rooms with pianos 
  • have access to a personal DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) during the Camp
  • learn the fundamental techniques of home AND producer-led studio recording
  • receive a gear guide for home recording (PC or Mac)
  • receive recordings of songs written on the Camp
  • have a magical fully-catered, single room songwriting experience at a superb price

The camp will provide you with an opportunity to take a song to the next level in terms of arrangement, recording and production.

“The event was great for all levels and for me it was the perfect challenge. The vibe was fun and very supportive, Murray and Jonathan worked hard to facilitate a quality retreat & I hope to join for another in the near future. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!” – Debs, Songwriter, 2017 Camp attendee.

London Songwriters has hosted fifteen highly affordable and acclaimed Countryside Songwriting Retreats for over 100 happy writers from across the UK, Europe and the USA – once again we are supported by BASCA and PRS.

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London Songwriters Summer Camp 2019