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Sep 24,2017 -     Time: 12:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Our Song Clinic Workshop is: "A really well organized and superb system for gathering feedback - genuinely illuminating! Thoroughly enjoyed it." as a fellow Songsmith wrote about this event. Bring your songs, at any stage of development, and share them in a safe and supportive group environment. Check that they are communicating as intended and whether they can be improved to compare favourably with already successful songs. You do not have to be an expert performer - ideal for beginners to advanced writers to develop their craft and to practise performing too. You will receive professional and informed constructive feedback on the lyric, melody, harmony and structure - we will discuss our songs in much more depth than is possible in the collaboration workshop. Critiquing your peers will also help to inform your own writing and many aspects of essential songcraft will be covered. Songs/lyrics can be performed/recited live. or tracks can be played from MP3 or MP4. Lyrics can be displayed on screen via Word if you wish. Bring a USB stick with these formats as appropriate plus at least one hard copy of the lyric. Places are limited to allow for 2 songs each - check the previous events ratings and comments for how crucial songwriters have found these sessions in developing their songcraft: 'It's great to share a passion for songwriting and songs with others who care about the craft.' 'The feedback is spot on and is invaluable in developing the songs I have written.'


College Arms
18 Store Street
London, Greater London WC1E 7DH

Event Fees:

Workshop Place £ 8.00