June 2023 Melody Course


Our unique WRITE GREAT MELODIES – 3 Week Evening Course begins Tuesday 13th June at 7pm. Join us for four weekly interactive presentations with accompanying practical exercises on Tuesdays as follows:

06/06/23 – The Power of Melodic Rhythm & Motifs
13/06/23 – Scales of Emotion – Melodic Note Choices
20/06/23 – Chord Colours & Effective Progressions
27/06/23 – Supercharge your Melodies with Pitch & Prosody

WRITE GREAT MELODIES is a comprehensive summary of important songwriting techniques. As lyrics are meant to be sung to a melody, Lyricists would also benefit from the technical knowledge, especially the crucial first week on Melodic Rhythm.

Melody is King so don’t miss out learning the detailed, specific techniques to fully realise your inspiration and skill up for the New Year ahead.

“A really helpful, eye-opening course, full of great ideas, tips & tricks”
“Opened up music theory, ear-training & encouraged me to learn an instrument”
“Great to visualise the melodies as well as hear them”