September Melody Writing Evening Course

We are running a comprehensive fully interactive online Melody Writing Evening Course this July.

Our 4-part WRITE GREAT MELODIES Evening Course will teach basic & advanced techniques to make memorable melodies that stand the test of time. The Course is £20 per standalone session (code MELODY2021 gets you 15% off at checkout) & for a limited time you can book at just £67 £47 for the remaining 3 sessions!

13, 20 & 27/09/21 – WRITE GREAT MELODIES – 3 Week Evening Course

“A really helpful, eye-opening course, full of great ideas, tips & tricks”, “Opened up music theory, ear-training & encouraged me to learn an instrument”

“Great to visualise the melodies as well as hear them. It was just what I was looking for”

“Murray’s approach to teaching is wholistic in that not only does he present a concept and define it, but he offers real songs as examples. He proceeds to clearly break down those concepts using the song as a guide or template to illustrate the subject.  I could undoubtedly see from class 1 to 4 how my level of observation, knowledge and application of the concepts increased.”

I’ve taken 5 different workshops in the past 3 years & have never seen a facilitator approach this subject with such a straightforward method of analysing song structure in order to replicate successful writing techniques.”